teenagers and their irresponsibilities

why are some teenagers freaking irresponsible?

yes, at some point, the parents are to blame for either being irresponsible themselves or just not being there when the kid was growing up. but when you are past 15, you are supposed to have enough common sense to take care of yourself when you think the adults who are supposed to take care of you couldnt. regardless of either they refuse to do so or are busy doing other things like earning enough money to put food on the table or send you to school.

i was woken up by my aunt crying over the phone. in between sobs and controlled wailing, she told me her second child (about 16 or 17- i can’t really remember. i left home at 15 for university when the cousins i left then were all little kids and they all look the same age to me) left the province and caught a ship sailing to Manila yesterday. he did not tell anybody until he was onboard the ship and only texted her asking for my brother’s number.

you see, all of us grew up in that quaint, little town of San Carlos. and Manila, 36 hours away by ship is really fucking far. my first trip to Metro Manila 7.5 years ago was a big thing; nobody comes here out of impulse and for the fuck of it.

apparently, this irresponsible bloke thinks differently. he left San Carlos with enough money ONLY for a one-way trip to Manila (via ship). and all for what? to follow his girlfriend! he only texted his mum because he needed my cousin’s number because apparently, he has no money and has nowhere to stay when he gets here.

what a shameless, irresponsible headache.

i do not like getting angry. but my aunt has been working her ass off to raise that dysfunctional family of hers all her life and all they ever did to her was either drop out of school, elope with their present girlfriends, hang out with the wrong kind of people, or get into really dangerous hobbies. and do not even get me started with the husband.

i wished he took the plane so he would arrive sooner here and i could slam reality hard and sudden at his face. what a shameless, irresponsible headache. i swear to whoever it is i needed to swear that he is really going to get some serious sermon the moment he steps into my apartment.

it doesn’t fucking matter if you are still considered minor in this cursed society, damnit. the fact that you have the nerve to start dating and hooking up before you can even start to pay for your own expenses is already an indication enough that you can weigh things practically, if you have to, if not for your own fucking good but as consolation to those who sweat their asses off to get you the food you eat everyday and the clothes you wear everyday.

i am angry in a way that i haven’t been angry for a long time. i can enumerate a lot of things that my aunt has done wrong (getting married early- or getting unplanned pregnancy that led to marriage for one) in the past but she has been trying to make up for her shortcomings ever since the unlucky state has befallen her.

i have been a teenager once and i have been a rebel at some point. i have given my parents headaches. in fact, all of my siblings (and me) have been a problem at some point in my parent’s lives but we haven’t done anything as stupid and preposterous as this. okay, maybe, jesse did it once (which was why she got deported to me in the first place). and okay (cooling down a little now), maybe what jesse did in the past was worse but mother had father for strength and me for the resource (e.g. the incident involved negotiating with third parties and they need me to do the shouting and the threatening 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). where would my aunt secure the same?

when i called mother to discuss with my aunt how to fix this, she told me to call later as their elder brother (who is a lay minister) brought my aunt to the church to attend the mass.

but, of course. where else would she run but to God? now, that ONE would never abandon her.

although, i strongly believe we make our own destiny, that we choose the kind of life we are going to live, that we are totally in control of our fate…this makes me think if she deserves all that happened to her now. i felt she deserves better and if i were her, i would have turn my back from these forces that brought me pain, disappointments, and confusion.

but then, that is just me. i didn’t get married when i was still in college. i didn’t hook up long enough with the wrong guys for them to pull me down. i didn’t have kids that always make me reconsider my decisions for their own sake. i must never try to show them the road i would trek if i haven’t tried their shoes.

why is reason often lost to those who needed them the most?

i would still want to wring his neck. that desire still didn’t lessen a bit. would i talk to him and make him understand? i am not that girl, i have no patience for that nor determination. i have been a teenager once; and i never listen to anybody, anyway. i do not think the teenagers these days matured from our generation.

what can make them understand?


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