lazy lazy lazy Margarette

foo, squatting at the lounge on a sunday morning, and i, in my pajamas and unkempt hair, were discussing about his plan on buying a new domain for his new site. apparently, he is going to stop using his current one where is being maintained. “$24.95 annual, unlimited everything.” he said, briefly showing me what was on his lcd screen.

i looked away from mine (i was reading the news) and shrugged. “that’s not bad. that’s about Php85 pesos a month. that’s even cheaper than one cup of Starbucks coffee.”

“i don’t drink Starbucks anymore.” he told me. “i realized its expensive.”

i always thought it was expensive. for a long time, i stayed away from commercial coffee shops. nothing beats the brewed coffee i can get for Php10 back in San Carlos. sure, it is nothing fancy but it is brewed and you can smell it from few steps away. that is enough for me. Zsolt did stress that i should wait til i get to Sydney and he’d show me how coffee taste like.

i told foo i need to pack, to shop, and to give out christmas gifts before i leave for OZ and that i am really running out of time. “i also need to wash some stuff.” i added. it doesn’t help that i was sitting there at the lounge lazily (with him) surfing Scubaboard while he flies paper planes in Microsoft Excel. in fact, thinking about all the things i need to do made me really tired already.

and i couldn’t find the red bag (with wheels). i told him so.

“it is with me.” he said.

“how did it end up with you?”

“i don’t know. but it’s there at my place.” he answered. foo lives upstairs.

“well, i would need it so i can pack.”

“buy a new one. the zipper doesn’t work.” he told me. i cursed. i do not want to buy a new one. father always brings one new travelling bag everytime he comes home. and he comes home twice a year. that is two bags a year for the last 11 years. give away half of that and we still have more than ten bags gathering dust back at the province.

“i want a bag with wheels rather than using my backpack so i can bring a smaller backpack for my laptop and the bag for all my clothes.”

“do you pack like a girl?”

“hell, no.”

“then you can use mine. its slightly smaller than the red bag of yours.” he said. i wondered for a moment; my red bag is really small that i can even bring it as a carry-on luggage rather than have it checked-in. i wonder how small his bag is; i am spending quite a long time in Sydney.

but i got tired thinking about it too. so i slumped lower on the sofa and watched him fly his paper plane in Excel.

God, once again, i just wasted half of my Sunday away.


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