bugger that, says the mayfly

started 2008 right?

i did. i woke up in Zsolt’s arms.

now, others might find it too romantic…shallow, even. but the swift passing of 2007- which was quite ironic considering too many things happened to me in 07- was marked complete by Viggo rubbing himself against my legs and in the split of a second, i knew this is going to be a very different year.

how do i see my 2008?

let us backtrack a little; how was my 2007?

i traveled a lot. i got a couple of job offers, resigned from my current job, and then retract it when i was

about to accept the signing bonus from the new one. i got my heart broken really bad and then met the guy when i wasn’t looking. the anger issues came back and almost ruined us. i found new friends and lost some. i started a business. i had achieved 75% of my financial goals for the year. i laughed a lot and cried harder (but fewer).

that’s all of it, really. it was an awesome 2007. it started and ended too fast but it was awesome, nevertheless.

how do i see 2008? how will i live in 2008?

there was this awesome vodafone advertisement at the theatre in Sydney (i couldn’t find the complete Aussie version of the video below, but here is the condensed one) that struck a chord.

the common mayfly has a life expectancy of just one day. does he give a damn?

nah. bugger that, he says. he has the time of his life.

i am enjoying every bit of NOW and that is going to be how i will be living this year.


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