the Filipina in me.

“so, you got promoted?”

well, if promotion means additional work and 33 more people under me, then, yes, i got promoted. there’s the $$$ side of it, too, but i would rather not discuss that. it is not going to be effective until March but they do have to drop the bomb before then to allot time for transition. in short, i will be working my ass off for the next few months. hard.

funny, that. its almost like my growing fascination with zsolt is being countered by the growing blessings i am receiving in PI. its almost like this country is making it a very serious business to keep me for the next 50 years or so. but then, that’s just me and my ego; i like to imagine things.

it works splendidly for both of us, really. my work, that is. and although i do not talk about it as much as i talk about other things, (and for a reason!) the type of work i do is one of my few passions.

one has to gotta love the job to be happy doing it and consequently, succeed at it. and i am not talking about bosses or workmates or compensation packages (but they DO count). i am talking about that shit you go to office for 5 days a week, 6-12 hours a day. i love corporate financial planning; it makes my brain cells tick and my financial reasoning sharp. but its a section that is best maintained lean; you can’t have too many people plan the future. but on the other hand, i also enjoy managing a large team because one could only deliver so much compared to one being instrumental to a group of people delivering so many.

and now, i get to dip both my legs on both.

someone said she is worried about me, more than anybody else. 33 more people and 101 more stuff to do. oh, the office politics and the pressure! am i really up for it?

i was never the one who backed away from challenges; the ones who knew me better would agree. besides, when fate gives you an anodyne for boredom, you do not shove it back to where it comes from… you take it all in.

father was thrilled when he learned. “we should celebrate when i get back in march.” he said, making a big deal out of it more than necessary. really. i had promotions in my previous companies before; this is nothing special. but then, i think that wasn’t my father’s point. for him, the promotion means i am staying put. i guess, seeing Zsolt three times in the last six months gave him some strange ideas.

what they haven’t realized that Zsolt did is that, i will always come back to the Philippines for our kind of rice. shallow, you think. until you see me almost faint three days without it.


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