losing people to love

jane, my childhood bestfriend, is getting married.

that came as a shock, you see, even after knowing about that possibility last year when we caught up on each other’s lives. i know that she will get married eventually. i just didn’t realize that when she said “they have plans” last october, she meant they are getting married in “less than a year’s time”. i haven’t met the guy; jane met him after we have long lost consistent communication with each other. i know nothing about him except that he loves her like hell and she’s crazy about him. i guess, in the world of the romantics, there was nothing else to know.

that she is marrying someone i haven’t met yet says something about how far the friendship has gone since that fateful day when i decided to enter a Catholic High School and she chose a private non-sectarian one.

i met Jane one morning in june, 21 years ago. she was my 2nd grade seatmate, a transferee from another section. we both hated boys (well, girls do not start liking them till way much later, really) and we both like Math. i was Catholic; she was 7th Day Adventist. she made me ate beef; i made her eat banana cue. we attend school wearing dresses of the same colour and we ate the same food at recess. and the only time i was at the principal’s office was the only time she was there; we were involved in the same fight and we punched the same group of people.

i wondered, sometimes, how life would have turned out if Jane and i attended the same high school (well, obviously, somebody would have ended up as 2nd Honors as we can’t both possibly graduate from the same school as Valedictorians). she is as she was. she likes the same things she liked then. she was miss-goody-two-shoes all throughout. as for me, i am entirely a different person now. if all my grade school selves would line up and scrutinize my 27-year old self, they would not recognize me at all.

Jane told me last year how interesting my life has become; how colourful it is. she went back to our hometown to practice her medical degree, after having experienced burn out in Cebu where she worked as a hospital doctor. perhaps there is a big difference between earning my accountancy degree at 19 and her completing medical school at 25. perhaps, unlike me, the opportunity to discover the real world did not come much later. “medical school just suck the life out of you.” she said and smiled.

and now, she is getting married. a new life to be started, not alone, but with someone else. to say that i am thrilled for her is an understatement, inspite of my current shock. i am happy for her and very much proud. deciding to get married and staying married are still one of life’s greatest challenges. and that she takes it with so much pride and conviction, i cannot help but be in “awe”.

well, that means, two less single people in the world. two less amazing singles in the world. and well, if the world loses them to love, i see no reason why the world will complain.


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