going places on weekends

i found something out today (one-way fares):

Manila to Bacolod Php1,714.16 (US$41.81)
Clark to Macau Php1,840.39 (US$44.90)

well, yes, you need to spend Php300 more for that special bus trip from Manila to Clark Airport, but still, there isn’t that much difference at all. no wonder people would rather go to Hong Kong than bask under the sun in Boracay.

having said this, i told Zsolt myself that i wouldn’t mind going abroad on weekend trips if this is the case. even Cebu Pacific’s Manila-Hongkong flight is only Php5,346 ($130) roundtrip. which is what i basically did. i am meeting Zsolt in Macau for the weekend of the 9th, from which we take the ferry to reach Hong Kong and leave from there on the 11th. a few year’s back, this would have been a big deal, with the price of the plane tickets then.

not so much these days.

overseas travel was never as accessible until now. and even though my heart insists that its loyalty stays local, i couldn’t help but grab the opportunity. and why not? i am traveling with the most amazing travel buddy i can ever have. perhaps, most people would say that two holidays together isn’t enough to base an entire judgment on. and if i remember david’s theory, “a holiday where the heat is 41C makes or breaks a relationship, i tell you.” then i would have to drag Zsolt to Greece for that.

but not this early, no. Macau, HongKong, the United States, Vanuatu. those are the confirmed list for now. perhaps we will have the chance to visit Mainland China, or maybe Vietnam (always wanted to go back there), or maybe Phuket, maybe New Zealand (i do need to change my perception of the place in fairness to the Kiwi i just met).

i asked Zsolt if his dad knew he is going overseas again; we did just see each other up to 12 days ago. he told me he mentioned it to him. i wonder what is really going on Jozsef’s mind now. my parents have already surrendered and would say nothing about my travels although father would usually drop a hint about starving children and homeless kids.

some of my friends commented that perhaps i just have too much spare cash to burn. not quite rightfully so. i just do not hang around Greenbelt 3 on Friday nights drinking Php200/glass margaritas or Php70/bottle SanMig Lights. i am also not a fond of Starbucks Php150 frappuccino anymore. and i do not really shop for clothes or shoes or bags unless i really need to. and i don’t really need to until i have to. and added to that fact that i go for generic brands rather than popular ones, how could shopping be damaging that way?

its the same case with zsolt. he doesn’t spend $200 a night going to bars or clubs in Sydney; in fact, he rarely go out to clubs and bars at all. and that is the reason why he can afford $800-$900 roundtrip tickets to PI.

like most things in life, its the choices you make that defines the lifestyle you have.


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