the amazing hot calamansi juice!

im sick. sick. sick. sick.

i inhaled a really strong perfume saturday morning; something i shouldn’t have done but was unavoidable as i can only hold my breath for so long. i should have stayed away but i was too lazy to move. so, yes, it really was my fault why i am sick now.

it didn’t help that i got drunk saturday night with bjorn, who was here in PI for a business trip. the last time i saw bjorn was a year and a half ago and somehow, it was a dumb idea not to meet him. and besides, one of the many things i looked forward to…. one of them is to party hard with bjorn. unfortunately, not only did i bring him to an almost empty Fiama (at Jupiter St.), i also got him stuck in a very long queue at the Embassy at 1:30AM in the morning. in the end, we ended up at the Pier One (the Fort) drinking whisky (his) and margaritas (mine). i crawled into bed at 5:15AM in the morning in what pre-empt a horrible hang-over.

and so, since Sunday morning until today, i haven’t seen what the outside world looked like. in fact, i spent 22 hours of the 24 inside my room. and even after the 2-hour massage last night, i still woke up today feeling worse. so i turned in helpless despair to the Hot Calamansi Juice. in almost what could be called a miracle, i feel a little better (still a little sick).

what the tablets and capsules of medication failed to help me get rid of in the last two days, the hot calamansi juice made it less obvious.

zsolt told me that i cannot be sick when i see him in 18 days. i think so, too. i always get sick before a holiday, one way or the other. in fact, when i think of the few times i was ever sick, it was always either that or because my boss is scheduled for a PI business trip.

i swear to God, i don’t force myself to get sick whenever David (my boss) arrives. it just happens.


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