that new Bacolod Intl Airport in the middle of nowhere

the new Bacolod International Airport, at first glance, is way so much better than the old one. And the longer you stare at it, the nicer it becomes.

the only problem is, it is too far.

and that was what was pissing me off, you see. i was happy they finally decided to chuck the old one- it is way too old and cramped and outdated to be even functioning at all. i looked forward to landing at the new one because (after googling) it appears to be more chic, modern, and better equipped.

the only problem is, it is too far.

i arrived at the airport on a saturday morning and realized there was no easy way to get to bacolod from there except through private transport (which i do not have) or special taxi (which charges a whooping Php500). i ended up boarding a free shuttle bus to Silay Park where i unwillingly hopped into a public jeepney to Bacolod (Php13, 15 kilometers, took 45 minutes with all the stopping it made).

mother’s pochero, hot and ready when i arrived in San Carlos 5 hours after i left Manila, made me forget about the hassle. in fact, i totally forgot how irritated i was with the transport difficulty until i have to fly back to Manila two days after.

Php500 taxi fare from Bacolod to Silay Airport! i cannot wait til Father hear of this. i swear he won’t be very happy.

a for Zsolt flying with me to Negros in three week’s time… i am sure he will appreciate the new airport. he was pretty happy with Cebu airport. hell, after having to endure NAIA or the Manila Domestic Airport, any airport is tolerable. now, i just need to arrange for a private transfer. i am sure he wouldn’t mind the free shuttle-Php15 jeepney ride-2 hour non-aircon Ceres Bus to San Carlos… but i do. and i’d rather take it the easy way this time around.


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