squeezing time off living

the thing with finding out that your life is finally picking up is that, there is just no time to pause and update your blog.

of course there is really no need to make an excuse for my absence. but for very obvious reasons, i like to think i matter to the universe, thus the need to stress for justifications.

a couple of weeks back, over dinner with friends, an acquaintance told me he was reading my blog about financial planning. and that what i have done was impressive and that it is actually well-written.

zsolt, who was already spending his 2nd week of his month-long holiday with me, chuckled. “she was pretty awesome with it until she met me.”

ahhhh, when they said love came with a price, it dashed like a knight in shining armour to me and put a hole in my pocket. the thing with this relationship with zsolt is, with about 3,700 miles between us, holidays are synonymous to friday night dinners.

i am not complaining.

because you see, the thing about being with zsolt is…the future is always worth planning for.

it doesn’t matter if that means the next four weeks.


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