my short affair with the snow

“hey, baby, look out.” zsolt broke the silence. we were driving 80-90 miles/hour in a quiet Interstate 80 on our way to Lake Tahoe. It was 1am and the car heater was in full blast. “look, baby, snow.”

true enough. after almost 200 miles from San Mateo, i was greeted by sights of white stuff all over the sides of the road.

i have never seen snow before this. i have watched it from television screen and computer screens. i have read about it everywhere but i have never seen it- as in seen it- nor touch it in my 27 years. i also thought i can never survive in a place that has winter, either.

but who in her right mind would not take up an offer for complimentary weekend of skiing at Tahoe, complimentary beginner’s lesson (for me; zsolt can do shit with skis. seriously.), and an accommodation at a very lovely cabin fronting Lake Tahoe? i know, i know, i know. it pays to have friends at convenient places (as Zsolt always put it). tom has been super accommodating with this Lake Tahoe trip of ours i teased him he is beginning to act more Filipino than anything else already. you gotta love the hospitality Zsolt and I got during this trip (actually- and this is really a surprise for me- Americans can actually be very hospitable. it wasn’t just Tom. almost every acquaintances we’ve met during that California trip was just so accommodating). i had a theory that Zsolt just induces all these good aura from everyone we met. everybody just loves him. doesn’t stand true in my case though; oh well, whoever said i was amiable?

now i understand why people love white christmas. it is just fucking beautiful.

skiing, on the other hand, scared the shit out of me. do not get me wrong, it is a sport i can definitely grow liking and would grab any second chance of trying it again (Zsolt said he would definitely grab me all the way to Colorado or Canada when we he gets the chance- and of course, when i let him). needless to say though, that i suck so bad at it. while 5-year old kids just skied down, all the way down, without fear or hesitation, i was on my butt and doing awkward acrobatic moves while trying to save my life.

i envy zsolt. watching him move with his skis makes me wanna fall in love with him all over again (which is really not possible logically). he just looks so fucking good with them. i know, i know, i know. you do not just love a person because they look fucking good. but of course, it doesn’t mean you can help yourself not to. but that’s for another day.

“want a snowball fight?” zsolt asked me the second day while we were finishing a late lunch at the ski resort’s restaurant. “look, she’s doing a snow angel.” he pointed briefly at the woman on her back outside, moving her hands up and down and her legs sideways.

“oh, that’s how they make snow angels!” i beamed at him.

shortly after, zsolt and i went to the same exact spot (they were all gone then) and stare and marvel at the awesome sight below. we were elevated at about 8200′ and from where we were standing, could see the unfrozen Lake Tahoe. we stood there for a while.

while i was lost in thoughts, a ball of snow hit my jacket. i turned sharply and saw zsolt grinning.

the snowball fight has begun.


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