nanny state OZ will lose Zsolt if it keeps acting like a mother hen…

zsolt is pissed.

eBay Australia just announced that it will now only accept PayPal and COD for all transactions completed in eBay. PayPal, everybody knows of course, is run by eBay. COD, everybody notices by now, is trekking into the paths of oblivion. nobody does COD for online purchases anymore. not when you are buying a camera lens from someone in bloody Perth and you are in Sydney.

he is pissed because for responsible buyers and sellers like him, eBay is founded in the element of trust. you win the bid, you wire the money, the seller mail it to you soon after, and both of you write each other positive feedbacks.

(yeah, i can never see how i can function with trust in that. not with the internet. i do not trust the net. nope. never. and yes, i do not hack emails of the guys who mess with me, or the girls of those who did anymore… i am a good girl now.)

and now, with eBay’s announcement, everybody- 95% of his nanny state Australia- will now be availing of PayPal’s services. that’s quite a nice sum of revenue for eBay Australia, i tell you. not a very good news for my boyfriend, though, as his days of wire-it-and-i’ll-send-it are now definitely over.

zsolt is so pissed that he thought of relocating. yeah, we both do that. every once in a while, when our own countries screw its citizens all over again. fucked-up, corrupt PI for me. nanny-state OZ for him. every once in a while, i look at various immigration sites. every once in a while, he worries about Viggo spending months in quarantine.

and then, reality hits us, and we end up planning for the next holiday together.

i finally learned to stop asking questions.


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