why US rocks: the freeway and the buttered popcorn

the thing that struck me and zsolt about San Francisco (and safe to say, the United States in general) is their freeway. we just can’t fucking stop admiring the genius behind it.

yeah, sure. americans probably don’t realize it but they have some logically strategized highway and that it fucking works. From the hotel (which is located in Foster City- near San Mateo) to 16th Street Mission (where we always park our car when we go to San Francisco) will take us about 26-30 minutes. there is a good 21 miles between them.

hah. see if that will ever be possible in PI. or Sydney, even.

being a warm-weathered person and a beach bum, city tours and museums and zoos and shops do not really interest me. especially if its under a 13C temperature. but for some reason, walking with Zsolt on the sidewalks of San Francisco on weekday afternoons did not disappoint me. perhaps we were both lucky we had acquaintances (i should call them friends now) that helped us discover the city the local way. it was only during the last day in SFO that zsolt and i went to the Fisherman’s Wharf (their tourist area) and that was because we didn’t really have other choices, with us flying back that evening. also, zsolt and i wanted to see how it feels like riding the Tram and it doesn’t make sense paying $5 and not sit all through the ride which ends at the Fisherman’s wharf.

people asked if i liked the Golden Gate Bridge and i told them i didn’t really see anything special about it (seriously.really.). they asked me about Alcatraz and i told them we really didn’t have the chance to tour it. and i find the Fisherman’s Wharf just another tourist trap with nothing really special to remember it for.

did you check out their aquarium?

did you went to LA and Disneyland?

did you do the guided city tours?

they wondered afterwards if i actually had fun. but i couldn’t have wished the trip to turn out differently. i had fun with zsolt in that trip. and contrary to what zsolt might have thought of, i did love the time we went riding with the Ducati Monster Riders of the Bay Area. Sure, my helmet kept on banging against his at multiple times during the ride (because i was sleepy) but no one is going to disagree with me when i say finding one’s self in the midst of 40 or so big bikes manning an entire roadway is just so fucking awesome. i enjoyed the Tahoe trip very much even if he made me cry when he was trying to teach me how to ski. i enjoyed the process of deciding where to eat and if it is time for me to replenish my “rice meter” (as zsolt famously put it). i found it funny (now but not then) when the Caltrain announcer misannounced the station destination and we got out to find ourselves in a deserted Hayward Park station at 10:30 in the evening, only to be walking for 3.5 miles in the next two hours to find our way back to the hotel.

and most of all, US has the best buttered popcorn in the world. they don’t do it flavoured, people. they put real butter on the popcorn.

when i look back of all the movies zsolt and i watched while we were in the U.S., i have a strong feeling i was into it for the popcorn. i fancy zsolt was into it for the same reason, too. he will never admit it.

but i know.


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