the puppies are invading my lounge room.

my attachment with dogs- or any pets in general- is almost like my views on human babies: they are superb for showing off, but a pain when it comes to maintenance. i know i have to change this views of mine soon (about babies, i mean) seeing as i planned to be a mom by the time i am 30. (i know it’s romantic not planning when to have unprotected se for pregnancy but nine months is a freaking long time to carry a living thing the size of a basketball- and i sure as hell want to know 3/4 of the coming year is going to be that mostly).

so, anyway, it was a puzzle why i haven’t flinched when i was greeted by a three-month old basenji and a two-month old spitz when i got back from the US. YES, they are absolutely lovely. but NO, i am not cleaning up after their shit. Of course, it only took three days before i started yelling to get them off my legs. for some reason, puppies think you want to play when you start running away from them.

what was my sister thinking when she got them? not only was she and my bro cleaning after these puppies’ mess but a considerable chunk of her salary goes to their food and their veterinary needs. yeah sure, they are perfect for companionship (which i really think the main reason why people have pets). but why would somebody go through such effort? My friends, foo and chai, also got their pog and labrador-spitz…and they both worry everytime they have to go away and nobody to look after the puppies. zsolt misses viggo all the time he was away and worry if the kitty misses him as well.

i do not- cannot- understand such attachment.

i do not like hairs all over my clothes, especially if they aren’t mine. and why the hell does pet food smells like pet food? can they not make them smell like chocolates or ice cream or adobo?

why are people doing this?

what have i become? no friends, not even dogs. i guess i like me in my own little world. as famously put, at least they know me there.


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