marketing that sells

as i was having a quick peek on my four supervisors’ power point presentations for the departmental meeting later that afternoon, i remembered my Marketing Instructor when i was taking my business graduate studies.

man, what a class that was. the point on why he has to spend five of our thirteen sessions discussing what makes up a good power point presentation was lost on us. personally, i believe the topic was more of a fit in our Business Writing class rather than the Marketing one. the Instructor thought differently for some reason.

he reiterated the entire trimester that a one of the many things expected out of a graduate student is a superb powerpoint presentation skill. he and i… we did not disagree on this one. however, getting each of us to present PPT slides marketing our names is just so fucking elementary. seriously. pull up and chair and sit with me over coffee and i will show you why you should listen to me. that is marketing that sells.

at some point, i can probably understand his fascination with power points. not a lot of people knows how to prepare a good one. even at this point, if you leave me with Clips Online at my disposal, i still am awed by the volume of animations i wish i can use. and in bad days, i still succumb to the temptation to overload a slide with objects.

presentation skills is another thing. this is the deciding factor why some people get screwed and why some people’s ass get kissed. i’ve worked with so many good workers but has absolutely no career future with the company whatsoever. this is Jenny at that little corner out there who never calls in sick, never got reprimanded for any reason, and never scrambles after deadlines. “I’m sorry. Jenny who?” the big boss asked.

there is a reason why this is called a rat race. nobody important really remembers those rats in the middle. and the only reason they took notice of the rats at the end of the race is because they are too far behind not to notice that. “i wish i can make this sounds easier,” the career coach i had when i was still working at Procter and Gamble told me, “but you have to market yourself if you want to get noticed. claim ownership of your achievements and report them. your managers are not mind readers.”

as i sat there listening to my sections delivering their reports, i couldn’t helped but wonder how many of them just got dragged into this career for the living and how many took the race as it is: a race with a finish line.

but then, i am not a mind reader. and i have no time to speculate.

and as for that marketing class i had, we let the instructor waste the trimester telling us about how to make a good powerpoint presentation and conduct the class in a manner more of an undergraduate class rather than a graduate one.

and of course, we all failed him in our appraisal at the end of the term. for all that class is worth, Php21,000 and all, we did learn one thing. His self-marketing didn’t sell.


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