foo asked me if i still blog.

i didn’t know why i stopped. it wasn’t that i got tired of blogging- how can i get tired talking about me? it couldn’t also be that i ran out of things to write about- there are just so many stuff happening in my life right now. it cannot be about work, simply because work never meddle with my blogging hours- it doesn’t happen that way around.

it couldn’t be because of zsolt, i could talk about zsolt every day. i could talk about the trips we did since january this year. from puerto galera to bohol to southern leyte to negros. from macau to hongkong to the United States. from anilao to boracay. from skiing to diving to hiking to well, great sex.

perhaps it is one of those phases again, you see. i get tired of stuff easily as i get so enamored of them excessively. zsolt thinks it is not a nice trait; but he is the one to talk. this is the guy who refuses to shoot unless its in RAW format. the same guy who always think the next model up of BP/W is better than the last one. this is the guy who thinks 8% p.a. interest on normal savings is nothing compared to the 8% income his rich clients can turn their green money over in two week’s time.

oh well, in a lot of different ways, zsolt and i are the same.

people asked me how we managed to enjoy the long distance relationship thing enough to not even worry about the distance. but zsolt and i have seen each other five times since september: in PI, in HK/Macau, in the US, in OZ…you should admit, that is pretty impressive.

maybe except for the financial planners who are probably raising a brow at me right now. what a way for both of us to do away with our money: overseas trips and holidays. and what happened to my cash management?

that one went down the drain, too. as i said, i get really tired of stuff i am enamored excessively fast. i am beginning to think i wasn’t really in the detailed expense tracking for the cash, i was doing it because i find it orgasmic. just like how i found my work now- which probably wouldn’t last long, either. so, now, i am trying a different approach to savings and investments now: set aside money for savings and investments and spend the rest- no tracking, but no overspending as well.

which got me into deciding to cut my other credit card. who really needs three credit cards really? although i have been paying everything off every month when the bill is due, i seem to be spending a little more than i would have if i paid in cash. i did try. called the bank to tell them i’d like them to reverse the annual fee because i don’t like to pay it and if that is not possible, i would just have to cancel the card since i still have two other cards who waived their annual fees for me anyway.

of course that was not how you would tell the bank if you want to cancel your card. you would just simply cancel it. they reversed it and so for four straight years, i haven’t paid annual fees on my credit cards. so, why cancel this one now?

zsolt told me that one can always find ways to justify one’s actions if one badly wants to do it.

having said that, bouncing back to my blogging shouldn’t even call for any justifiable entries. because like some of the things i do, some entries in my blog just wouldn’t make any sense.


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