you can’t wear two-piece bikinis to the workplace, can you?

today, i am going on a shopping spree.

not because i may have too much money to burn. nor because i need something to balance the stress at work. i have to shop because i already ran out of clothes to wear.

i noticed it earlier this week. i look at my wardrobe and i couldn’t figure out what i can wear for work. sure, i still have those killer corporate attires i used to wear when i was still employed by my former employer. but my CEO now wears jeans and shirt to work, i find it silly to come to office in closed high-heeled shoes and three-piece suits. i couldn’t wear my beach clothes, either.

for some reason, my casual clothes are all missing. gone. nada. disappeared. i do not know how but i just literally look at my wardrobe last monday and realized they were gone.

lately, my sister and my brother were complaining that the laundry shop has been returning our clean laundry always with couple of items missing. perhaps, my casual clothes were already missing way before they noticed some of their shirts weren’t returned.

i knew i was working like a lunatic the past few months, but i didn’t realize i got so focused at work that i haven’t even noticed the normal clothes i wear to office started disappearing one by one.

the thing about all this is that, i am not a bit pissed. perhaps, this was one way God thinks i will snap out of my workaholic mode. i am sure He doesn’t tolerate the stealing, but i guess not all cases can be solved with a win-win action. now, i finally find myself in the brink of ending up with absolutely no clothes to wear for work next week (because, well, the dirty laundry is piling up now. jesse refused to use the same laundry shop again, and for some reason, she has not find an alternative yet).

so i am going in a shopping spree. got to buy myself an entire new wardrobe.

perhaps, i should buy some shoes to go with it.


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