i shopped and shopped and all i got was a lousy blouse

one blouse. one friggin blouse.

i went home with just one friggin blouse. after an afternoon of shopping, all i had brought home with me was one small plastic that contains a greyish blouse.

how did this happen? i set Php10-15k shopping limit for an entire new set of wardrobe for work, perhaps throw in a new pair of shoes (or two pairs, maybe). i even wore slippers to prepare myself for extended hours of standing and walking from one shop to the other. i was looking forward to an afternoon of smart shopping.

just one blouse. one friggin blouse.

i don’t know where i went wrong. i went to the mall, checked one shop after the other, even tried the apparel myself in some….but i didn’t find anything that feels good enough to buy.

i totally forgot how to shop. i was so lost at the mall it might as well be another country altogether.

what is happening to me?


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