the soda and why i dropped it

after a month of not tasting a single drop of soda (or Coca-Cola, specifically), i can still say i actually still have a good sense of discipline.

lately i have been wondering if i have given up my self control for the lure of all the things i fancy and can afford (at the same time). i surely find it quite easy to wave off or counter my own arguments if i must. in fact, i have been doing just that for a time long enough for me to accept i have once again defeated myself.

but then- i seem to have a habit of surprising myself, even. when i turned 16, i banned Soda from my life. i have not tasted it for the four long, agonizing years in the university because i thought it was necessary. (of course, the reason itself wasn’t necessary enough- but perhaps, subconsciously, i have given up Soda in exchange for something more difficult for me to give up for… but that was too long ago to even try to dig it up all over again). i have done it for four long years and after that- i just snapped out of it. i started drinking it again in a manner that as if, i have never really stopped drinking it.

there were attempts in the past to stop substituting Soda for water…but really, what is better than ice-cold Coke? it doesn’t help i have been working in a company that supplies unlimited Soda for two years now.

you know how some people tell you they woke up one morning and realized they just have to do something really big and they do it? you know how most of the times you think it is rather silly? if it is a big deal enough, alright, then one would be so very careful as to go through it all over again.

but i did just that a month ago. i woke up at dawn and just decided i have to stop drinking soda. funny, tasting Coke isn’t that life changing and yet abandoning the idea of ever going to taste it isn’t that easy challenge, either.

for isn’t it more difficult to get rid of something that has already been a part of you?

perhaps- like ages ago, when i was 16- i am again giving up this in exchange of something bigger that i cannot live without.


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