trekking the yellow brick road

nothing bad happened to me- in fact, everytime i take a long leave from blogging- everything else in my life is doing really fine.

i got busy. although there were so many stuff that i could have written about, i just got busy. and writing is something i cannot force upon myself- perhaps, that is why it was just as well that i didn’t pursue creative writing and stuck with taking up Accountancy.

what happened this year? i travelled a lot, i worked like hell, and i was able to increase my net worth. more importantly, a few months ago- zsolt and i turned one. and oh, how wonderful the annivesary was. he prepared me a candlelit dinner and a hot bath. and i was thankful the candles didn’t roll over in both occasions.

overall- i am one happy gal. i still get sad once in a while but it doesn’t bother me so much anymore. the passion i have of my work was a win-win situation for both the company i worked for and me. i am dating the most amazing guy there is. i still don’t have that much friends but i still have the ones that really matter. my parents and my siblings are still both healthy. and, i am finally trekking the roads to financial independence.

this is the first of the many posts of this new chapter in my life. and i can only hope, you are still here to join me as i document it…


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