the molar i pulled out that turned into a saucer

zsolt told me, more than once, that i dream strange dreams.

i dream of war and of explosive in coke cans. i dream of vampires and of flying. i dream of being captured and pulling off a narrow escape. and if the dream is not a continuation of something that i already dreamt of- it has the same plot of the one i had.

worse thing- zsolt had cared to mention (as he always learned of the dreams that i had the chance to remember when i woke up)- the dreams of which he was in were never a good one. for some reason, as much as he can make me happy in real life- he is such an arse in my dreams.

last night, however, i neither dreamt of zsolt nor war nor vampires. i dreamed of pulling off my molar tooth in front of my boss. the strange thing was when i was holding it, it was as large as my palm and looked more like a miniature saucer than a tooth. and boy did it look healthier than it does now. stranger thing started to happen after i pulled it out for as though it was the screw that bound the teeth, the rest of my teeth either started loosening or can be moved around. the dream ended when i was facing a mirror, rearranging my teeth to make them look good.

though dreaming of tooth or teeth meant so many bad things in various dream interpretation books- it felt so different while i was dreaming it. for one, i wasn’t worried nor surprised about my tooth mutating into a saucer nor i found it quite inconvenient that the rest of my teeth suddenly felt like they were unscrewed. in fact, as i already mentioned, i had arranged the remaining teeth to my convenience.

thinking about it now, a thought struck me.

i am one damned control freak- even when i am dreaming.


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