coron holiday: why i am not going back to that paradise (part 1)

its almost like the perfect example of murphy’s law. zsolt and my coron holiday, that is.

as we were battling the traffic in edsa to get to the new NAIA terminal (3), we found out that we left the money back in my apartment. Which means, i only have a mere Php1500 in my pocket- not even enough to pay the cab, the terminal fee and uhmn… a one-night accommodation in Coron. Of course, if we got the taxi to turn back- we would miss the check-in hour and so we continue driving towards the airport.

we were able to check-in 55 minutes before the published departure time- 25 minutes before the “supposedly” boarding time. i left zsolt, penniless, at the airport and went back to my Makati apartment to pick up the money we left.

i do not know how it was done. looking back at it- there was no way for someone to leave the airport for my apartment and back in 50 minutes in a rush morning hour. not when it was bumper to bumper all the way from kalayaan to edsa-ayala. but i prayed for a miracle and i got one. my driver drove like a lunatic and edsa highway after ayala was like makati on a sunday morning. it was miraculously empty.

i arrived at the airport the second time around with my name and zsolt’s being aired repeatedly- asking us to board the aircraft right away. we ran and we ran towards the boarding gate, saw the plane already detached from the tube, saw the guys opening the baggage compartment- assumingly, to look for our bags to take it off the flight.

but i prayed for a miracle and i got one. we landed on our seat 2 minutes after the plane’s deadline to take off. the guys down below at the baggage area were putting back luggages of other passengers into the luggage compartment (we got to our seats before they found our luggages).

i looked at zsolt and smiled at him. “i prayed for us not to miss this flight, baby. He heard me.” i shook my head. “i swear there was no way anybody could have made this flight without a little help from Him. i cannot imagine what if we didn’t make this flight.”

he beamed a smile at me and gave me a kiss. “Hush… we are in the flight now.”

in a distance- between the locking of our stares and the warmth of our smiles to each other, the captain of the aircraft spoke up. it went something like, “good morning ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the delay but we are now about to take off. we are already on queue. please be patient, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight…”

i bet what he was dying to say was:

“in behalf of the two morons who – for whatever reason- did not board the flight until the last minute, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. i would have had them thrown off this flight if it wasn’t for their freaking goddamn baggages hiding strategically in places where the baggage handlers haven’t got to in time…”

he could have said that, but we were past caring. we got into the flight and we were excited about coron. the wrecks. the islands. the lagoons. the seafood. the beaches.

how could anything go wrong in a holiday place like that?

i spoke too soon. for two days after, i was about to find out how.


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