coron holiday: the town that has nothing significant and yet everybit as necessary (part 2)

coron is a very lovely place. no doubt about it.


most spots were well-maintained, beautiful, and breathtaking. and very green.


that was it. if there is just one adjective that i have to describe coron of- it is “green”. the place is just green. from the waters to the mountains to the trees to everything. where boracay was spledidly blue, coron was breathtakingly green.

coron islands is the nearest of the calamian group of islands to the residential town of busuanga, the jump-off point to discover the paradise that is in this northern area of Palawan. as nature would naturally have it- no paradise is ever easy and cheap to get to.

zsolt and i- after we successfully got into the flight from Manila- landed in what looked like an airstrip in the middle of nowhere. but of course, i only learned that it was the middle of nowhere some 35 minutes after when the shuttle van we were in was still slowly taking the unpaved road and no sign of houses or other people in sight. ten more minutes later- we arrived to town and was dropped right in front of The Village Lodge, a filipino-owned and managed lodging house in coron that i highly recommend. except for the problem with the hot and cold shower- which we never really got to shower water in quantity that can constitute a nice shower-the place is ideal for people who want to be a few minutes away from everything.

there is nothing much on everything for a town like Coron in Busuanga, though. they only have one bank and most establishments operate in a cash-basis only arrangement. only two establishments (i’ve learned) accept credit cards and they charge you for a fee for this privilege (between 5%-15%, no kidding). and besides Mt. Tapias that overlooks the nearby Coron Island and the Maquinit Hotsprings, there is nothing much to do inland in this very quaint little town.

i wasn’t very impressed with the food nor the amenities- but what they lack in both, they make up for absolutely awesome service. the crew at Village Lodge, the staff at Seadive Resort, the motorcab drivers, to the boatmen and the bystanders- everybody was just willing to help and was so accommodating.


the first day in coron, we spent trekking Mt. Tapias. all 748 steps of it (damnit). twice (going up, coming down). the only consolation i had was the fact that everybody has to do it to get to the top. the views were nice- but nothing breathtaking.



yes. i was being sarcastic. it was breathtaking, now that i think about it. perhaps, i was very tired. 748 steps is no joke.


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