the future as we see it.

zsolt and i decided that we will homeschool the kid/s, long before we even decided if we should get married. we talked about retirement places and retirement activities and kidded about capitalizing on our kid’s good looks to get her or him into showbusiness and make shitloads of money out of her (yeah- what kind of parents will we be???) for us to spend in our old and weary age. we even start shopping around for a condominium unit at The Fort (he always has this affinity with uptown places).

“the more i think about it, baby,” so he said. “it does make sense to have a three-bedroom unit rather than a two-bedroom one.”

“we can’t afford it. we cannot.” i told him off. there is no way both of us can afford a posh 3-bedroom condominium unit at the Fort. not if we want to pay it off in 5 years. and that was my stand- if i am to own a house/condo- i want to be able to pay it in 5 years. and still afford to travel. and buy stuff. and well, save at least the same amount i am putting away for retirement now.

“baby, at that price, there is no way you can get a place like that in a location like the Fort in Sydney.” Zsolt insisted.

“this is a fucking 3rd world country! it is not comparable!!!” i digressed, punching him hard on the arm. “stop using that argument. it is not comparable. that price for here is insane. we can’t afford it.”

“i think we can.” he put it simply. zsolt has this crazy belief that if you want something badly enough, you will get it. and crazy enough, it always happened that way for him every friggin time. as for me, i believe in taking reality check and really accepting what my means can afford. i do not want to leave it all to fate or “the Force” (as zsolt always refer to it). i did that once with my growing credit card bills and the debts didn’t go away- nor the calls.

as for the homeschooling of our child (or children as it may turn out to be), we didn’t have that much differences. we know history will be travel. foreign languages will be spanish (zsolt and i would have to learn it well first) and hungarian (he can speak this very well). english and bisaya will be the household language. home economics will be gardening, caring for Viggo, cooking weekend meals, working on the bike/car, and the rest of household chores. physical education will be swimming, diving and running. math will be business and financial planning (yep, will teach my kids financial freedom as early as i can!). and science will be- well, science. we will not teach him all the crap things we learned at school. we will not waste his time memorizing information that he will not remember or will not have the need to remember 20 years onwards. zsolt and i, we agree in this terms.

we also know where we are retiring. what we would want to do eventually. what foundations we would want to take part of- if not start them up.

its the short-term plan that’s a little blurry at the moment. sure, we like to be together to put an end to this massive spending due to frequent overseas trips and holidays. but as to who should relocate where at this point is unclear. perhaps, that is why we never talk about marriage- both he and i. and perhaps, we both aren’t really that ready yet. there’s still so much stuff to consider. my career. his business. my family. his dad. things i still want to do for myself. things he still wants to buy for himself.

or perhaps, we really are just stalling?

a few weeks ago in coron, while on our way out of the SeaDive restaurant, we noticed two old people at the hammock in their shabby, almost dilapilated house. zsolt noticed them more than i- i know because i didn’t really mind them while zsolt spoke up as we walked away: “when we get old, baby, we would be like those two couples.”


“well, we will be in our 70’s, on our own, no kids or work to attend to. and we will be sharing an old hammock the entire afternoon…” he grinned and kissed me on the cheek.

i kissed him back. i didn’t tell him i probably won’t reach my 70’s. i always have this crazy notion i won’t live long but who knows? if there is an old, worn out hammock zsolt and i can share to waste our lazy afternoons away when we are 70, i might just have to try and live longer then.


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