28. soon.

a few hours from now- i will be 28.

of how i ended up at this age- in what seems like a very short span of time- is a puzzler for me. i can still very well remember when i was younger. 19 and fresh out of college and with my very first cellphone (which got snatched two weeks after i bought it). 22 and entering graduate school that helped rack up a mountain of credit card debts and personal loans. 25 and started earning very well very suddenly.

my birthday parties showed their own version of my life, too. private, closefriend-only party at 21. large crowd (strangers and acquaintances and closefriends alike) rooftop party at 23. grand exclusive boracay party at 25, private boracay party at 26. and last year? i spent my birthday traveling 80kms from my hometown to bacolod, and caught a 1-hour flight back to manila. no cakes. no singing. no liquor. not an ounce a drop of it.

people say that happens when one gets older. i’d use that one as an excuse too. although, running out of friends in reachable places was as much reason as that one. but you’ll never hear that from me after this.

a few hours from now, i will be 28. and there will be no crazy parties to welcome it. after the birthday dinner mother cooked for me and few people, i will get ready for work and attend the office just like it is a normal day. quite the contrary, i am still going to celebrate the fact that i’ve earned another year to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

and i am not going to throw one crazy party to mark that day, like i used to before. instead, i am going to celebrate that another year of my life from now until i turn 29.

i will travel to new places. i will spend more time with people i love. i will be more awesome at my job.

i will keep falling in love.

it has been a blast being 27.


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