a mayfly and a jar of redemption chances

what is your greatest fear? i asked her as we watched the mayfly recognized its existence. it flew. it danced. it smelled one flower to the other. not hearing an automatic answer from her, i added. it must have scared the shit out of the mayfly to know it is not ever going to live longer.

of whether or not the mayfly heard what i said, it doesn’t seem to look bothered. it kept flying. it never stopped dancing. it continuously go on smelling flowers.

she stretched out her palm for one mayfly to land and smiled at it. my greatest fear is that i have so many chances left to start over.

it is a good thing. i frowned.

do you think so? she replied and watched the mayfly flew further into the discovery of its very short existence. the mayfly lives at an average of thirty minutes in its lifetime. it never wasted a single nano second of it. it knows its life is short and chances of redemption slim.

i kept on frowning.

she smiled as hundreds and thousands of mayfly swoosh over her. she looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes, if you only have one short life and no chances left to start over, doesn’t it give you a better perspective of what matters to you most and take good care of it?

and the wind blew them all away.


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