domestic flights for under a $1 and international flights for less than $5? i am not kidding.

people often mistook my frequent traveling as splurging.

and whenever i tell them that my domestic flights usually cost me about Php1k (US$25) all in, one-way and my flights to anywhere in southeast asia at Php2k, all in, one way on the average, they think i was joking.
like the christmas day sale Cebu Pacific had less than two weeks ago. Php28 (less than $1) all-in, one-way domestic flights from Manila to anywhere in the country! while most people were pushing their way to the department store counters in every mall in this archipelago, i have been punching my CC details on the keyboard purchasing roundtrip tickets for me, zsolt, jesse, and the rest of my family.

i bought 30-one way leg tickets. and guess how much it cost me? Php3,590.96 (~US$76). all in. 26 domestic flights and 4 international flights.

also a couple months back, zsolt and i bought a number of $15 all in ticket anywhere to Asia via Air Asia- which is now our official airline carrier for our August-September 2009 Southeast Asia/China trip.

dirt cheap flight sales do not come by easily or more often than we’d like them to. but they do happen.

when i tell people i wasn’t joking about the prices and that no, my flights were never canceled, the next thing they asked me is how the hell i end up finding these bargains. well, the answer is easy: the world wide web. the internet. and on the airlines’ official websites themselves. the easiest way to keep abreast of an upcoming sale is to subscribe in the airlines’ mailing list. most airlines usually email subscribers a day or two before the start of the sale date. and of course, the only logical thing to do is to subscribe the email you regularly checked.

“but tickets are just one thing, one still has to pay for the accommodation, bring pocket money, and the like…” an acquaintance of mine reacted when she learned about the sale.

oh well, but of course. but to pay for a roundtrip ticket at a less cost than a cup of Starbucks coffee- you have already addressed the most expensive factor with traveling. and really, whether one agrees with it or not, it makes going on a holiday much much more affordable than before.

“but travel periods are usually at a very short notice or way far ahead…” another one groaned.

i guess, and nothing against the acquaintance i hang around with, but i guess the difference between them and me is that i really, really love traveling on holidays. i do not care buying a ticket a year before if the price is really dirt cheap (and i have done that!). because, really, if it turned out that near the travel period i cannot make it- i wouldn’t feel so bad canceling the flights because i got it at a very good bargain.

but i guess the thing about me is that, i never cancel holidays. no, i never canceled holidays.


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