what missing piece of the puzzle?

my recent trip to europe ticked off a couple more things in my 100 things to do which either means that i am spending shitloads of time, effort, and money to run out of things i want to do by the time i am 40 or i am just not ambitious enough.

but then, it could also be just that i have a crazy boyfriend who lives his life on the edge and if you hang around people like that too long, their spontaneity bounds to rub off on you.

how did zsolt and i manage to do it? people we met have asked. people we run into have wondered. sometimes, when i look at him fondling his camera or his dive gear, dismissing my presence to oblivion or when he looks at me in disbelief after my complaining of having to walk a lot when i am with him- we, too, have wondered. surely, my skeptical, calculating and doubting mind, there must be a catch.

and yet, perhaps Brigi, his cousin, may be right. it works because Zsolt never even try to change me. i couldn’t always say the same for my case- my passion for what is mine often overlaps the boundaries of individuality. but happiness is a powerful thing- it recognizes the simple ingredient that triggers it. and constantly reminds you of that.

i know better now- all that shit about someone being the missing piece of the puzzle or the reason for one’s living- i don’t know how that works for some people. people you love should not be given that inherent responsibility of having to fill the space of some sort in your life to make your life complete- because really- it’s your own fucking job to make that happen- not someone else’s.

there is no missing piece of the puzzle zsolt has to take the spot for. i am a complete picture and he is the frame. without him, life is whole and complete. but with him, life is more beautiful.


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