no babies for now, please.

i would insist on assuming that i am NOT pregnant. it would really be quite a shitty timing to travel to China/Southeast Asia when you are five or six months pregnant. i have nothing against having a baby, but i still dread the 9-month waiting time. and really, i still can’t seem to imagine how pregnant women poo or sleep or wake up. it must be quite such a hassle i think.

but i am a little paranoid at times. nausea and vomiting. fatigue and tiredness. breast swelling. well, take the latter for example. my almost inexistent breast cup is just that- almost inexistent- that it is almost impossible to miss if it starts getting noticeable. and seriously, i would know. i rarely feel my breasts are even there.

fatigue and tiredness on the other hand may be due to a lot of factors. i have screwed up my body clock some more with the extended travel to the US and Europe. and going back to my already abnormal hours here in PI doesn’t really help it a bit. but i have never been this tired and sleepy as long as i can remember.

nausea and vomiting. oh my God, maybe i am really pregnant.

i told zsolt this. he almost choked. “you are NOT pregnant.”

hah. he just adopted a new kitty and named her Aspen. now, viggo has been licking her all the time and she bosses him around and steal his food. the baby news would jolt zsolt into premature reality that his time of using a water squirter to train his “babies” (e.g. kitties) into obedience is not going to work this time around. as for me, i prefer being pregnant when Zsolt is already around so, as i told him, i can be a bitch around him and boss him around and make him climb a tree to pick a fruit i fancy eating at that particular moment, and at such an ungodly hour.

seriously, babies are cute and cuddly and all. and i want to have them someday. but man, have you ever heard them cry in the middle of the night?


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