the most influential man in my life and the larger-than-life CEO of mine

today, the most influential man in my life met my CEO.

father shifted uneasily as Jerry extended his hand to greet him. it has nothing to do with Jerry’s obvious sense of authority that rattles my dad (though my CEO’s presence does have that impact on a number of people). the thing is, father is a very private man. he couldn’t be bothered starting new acquaintances and therefore is obviously not used to being introduced to someone.

i watched him as he smiled meekly and shook Jerry’s hand. how does one react upon meeting his daughter’s boss, anyway? and how many fathers get to do that? as father was fumbling for words to say to him, my CEO was telling him, “we really enjoy working with Rona. she is very good at what she does.”.

there was no need for Jerry to say that. but perhaps, being a father of three kids, he realizes the impact of that statement to a father. and for the light that shone on father’s face upon hearing that, my CEO has just made my father prouder.

because you see, father brought me to where i am now.

father didn’t need a degree to influence me. he doesn’t even need a title or a position to mentor me. he doesn’t need a lot of people reporting to him to lead me. but this is the man who looked at me when i was little and painted the picture of my future on his face. he made me see the world beyond the borders of our quaint, sleepy, little town. he has the most influence in my life- more than any of the men that i have treasured, loved and lost combined.

i wish for that brief moment when my father met my boss that i could have explained to Jerry all these. that this is the guy who made it all possible. that this is the man of whom i considered when i consider all things: the jobs i get, the achievements i made, the honours i was recognized with, the friends i have, the men i dated, the places i get to describe to him of.

but how does a daughter react after the boss met the father she is every inch proud of, anyway? and how many daughters get to do that?

i just gave the honour to my CEO for meeting my dad. how many CEOs get to do that, anyway?


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