do you think like that because you are single?

as i was trying to get my boss’ sign off on the budget for the company outing (aka. teambuilding) before the typhoon season marches into the PI shores once again, i notice how the difference in my outlook is largely influenced by the fact that i am still single.

my stand is that, teambuilding activities should really be restricted to “employees only” arrangement. not only are they cheap for the company as a whole, (i believe that) they also keep employees from sitting in one corner with their guests instead of socializing with fellow employees.

my boss’ stand is that, company outing is no fun if you cannot bring your family into it.

i supposed he is right in one angle. that is absolutely the reason why it is so friggin hard for my department to plan an out of town activity. half of my people are married and with kids- they really rather spend the weekend with them than with people they see 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. i supposed they are right. if i was married and had kids, i would always pick them over everybody else. heck, if zsolt is living with me right now, i couldnt be bothered with any company activity that requires me to be away from him on weekends. so what if it is free?

but then, my argument is that it is a company teambuilding activity. i like to think of it as an organization development program rather than an employee benefit. its purpose, first and foremost, is fostering relationships within and across various departments to improve efficiency and productivity. and sure, it sucks that it couldn’t be on a working day rather than a weekend- but hey, times are hard, you know. you wouldn’t want to miss a day’s worth of sales.

perhaps my trail of thought goes like that because i am single. not only am i single, my boyfriend is three thousand or so miles away. not only am i single and my boyfriend does not live on arm’s length with me, but i only my father can only come home two months a year and my mother lives in the province that is 55-minutes away by air (not to count the hours of waiting time at the airport). in short, work is the biggest owner of my time because there are no other competitors of my attention.

i almost sound like a loser, no?


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