you’ve got to love office politics.

a rumour was going around that i have favourites at the workplace. for people who really know me finds that gossip hilarious. surprisingly, when i first heard about it, i was more shocked than pissed off. do people really think i am that stupid to put my career in jeopardy by nurturing favoritism at the office? why would i do that? retaining or hiring ineffective people affects my department and in turn affects my performance in managing that department’s efficiency and effectiveness.

but then, tongues wag for the silliest reasons.

i told my CEO- and that was a funny part because he got hold of that rumour way before my CFO did and way before i did (which i am not surprised because i am pretty not very successful at penetrating the grapevine headquarters yet)- that i spent 80% of my time on my top 20% people. that is how i was able to get A LOT of things done. he said, in a half grin half perplexity that the rumour wasn’t even on that before he told me what was brought up to his attention.

you’ve got to love office politics.

the people raised up as my favourites were highly productive and efficient people but because i know them before i joined the company and they were hired after i settled myself in my position- and no, it didn’t matter that they report to a boss that reports to me or that they all went to the same channels as the rest of the other candidates upon screening and that they were all hired by people independent of me- they were branded guilty for having that connection with the boss and had that ammunity from termination from work regardless of their performance.

how fucking unfair is that? i fired a bestfriend once because she couldn’t work with her boss (probably the hardest decision i have ever made but i was always the type of person who separate work from personal life. and she understood it was all just business and she was partly at fault, anyway. btw, she is still my bestfriend and we are so way past that issue).

i wasn’t worried about the rumour for me. i was angry for them; they did not deserve this. they have worked smarter than anybody else and they earn every single right to remain employed for that very reason and nothing else.

my ceo didn’t think it was a big deal that we talked about it with my office door wide open. my cfo said i shouldn’t really worry about it and just enjoy my weekend (i did caught him in a bad time when i call- he was enjoying the process of preparing dinner for his son- you’ve got to love his loving the life of being a dad!). i talked to my supervisors so they are aware of that issue and reminded them that if there are decisions i made or actions i did that they cannot grasp, they should continue coming to me for clarifications and answers. i talked to the people concerned so they do not walk with clouds over their heads and reiterated that they are still working in my department because they have stats and metrics and a performance history to back it up. it has nothing to do with me having known them way beyond the working environment.

“you don’t need to tell us that. we know. don’t worry bout it.” one of them reassured me.

of course they know. they know how i work. they know that personal relationships has no bearing over my work decisions as my work decisions has no weight in my personal relationships. i have always kept the two separate. that is precisely why- i may not have that many friends- the friends i have had stuck with me over the years even when we have our own hiccups and differences in other areas in our lives that we were entangled with.

i found myself thinking hard and long about it way after i left the office.

of who started the rumour or brought it up, it doesn’t matter anymore. i don’t think it changes anything to know who started it. my conscience is clear and i still run a very productive and efficient team and will continue to do so not because i am amazing (which i know i am) but because i retain the right people to get that done.

That rumour has been weighed, has been measured and found wanting. how can it possibly touch me?


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