diving into mutual funds. finally.

i finally dove into investing in mutual fund. it took me a long time because i took time deciding with whom should i place my money. in the end, i chose Philequity. why? i was comfortable after studying the company profile. if i am to let someone manage my investment for me, i must be comfortable leaving them to get it done.

for a start, i put an equal amount in Bond Fund and Equity Fund and will do 30/70 ratio for 10% of my savings set aside for mutual funds every month. this is the cash i do not have an immediate need; nor do i see myself needing this in the next ten to fifteen years.

and having found the beauty of automation, i have also set up Philequity as a frequent payee in my online banking account. at a scheduled time, the system will wire the investment amount to the company’s settlement accounts without waiting for me to manually process it. though i have realized a long time ago that the most effective way to pay yourself first is through automation, it still amazes me that it took me ages to finally apply it.

i will be posting quarterly result of my mutual fund performance. for now, my initial investment on equity fund is at 10.1168 (NAVps) and for bond fund is at 2.2846 (NAVps). here’s to waiting for the golden eggs to hatch.


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