generation gaps, childhood memories and a cup of Starbucks coffee.

i dunno when it started that i stopped watching movies in big screen (and no, it has nothing to do with the convenience of piracy). in fact, the tv at the apartment would be so lucky if it gets turned on once every week. between reading books (yes, sir, i do still read books) and hooking up the net, movies are particularly no competition for either.

this weekend however, we decided to watch Night at the Museum 2. a week ago, we watched Star Trek (the first movie i watched since the start of the year and not with Zsolt) and i found the renewed joy of actually just using my eyes and not my imagination to get interested in the story which urged me to treat my three siblings with a movie Sunday.

holy shit, when did the world become so expensive?

to watch the movie, i spent about Php2,000 for the four of us: four tickets, Wendy’s burger meals, and four coffees at Starbucks. and this is a third-world county- how can average Filipino family of four afford to spend that much on one weekend movie? the economics of it is lost on me.

i couldn’t help but notice how inconvenient it is for the families living in a big city like Metro Manila to bond together outside the comforts (or discomfort) of their home without having to drill a hole on their pockets. what we obviously lack in this country are family parks- parks that aren’t enclosed within a chain of restaurants whose prices enough make you lose your appetite. we obviously need more public but “better taken care of” parks so families can opt to spend their weekend there with home-cooked food and quality time.

i also think it must be horrible for kids growing up here, either. the cinemas, timezone, and fastfood chains! it magnifies the necessity of money, the commercialization of fun. i am so glad i grew up in a time and place where fun was free- unless of course if you go home with your clothes all dirty and then you get a pretty long scolding by your mother who would have to soak the dirty laundry with perla for two days.

i don’t know how kids have fun now without them or their parents having to spend for it. back when i was younger, in a quaint little town that has no cinema or timezone or fastfood chains, our idea of fun was “patintero”, “siatong”, “bahay-bahayan”, “heaven or earth”, “hide and seek”, “chinese garter”, “dr. quack quack” and 101 silly games that were absolutely free and has shitloads of fun. except of course when you don’t have any friends at all and then you would have to get people incentives to play with you. but that’s another story.

i did enjoy that weekend with my siblings though. and it wasn’t because of the movie though i found the second installment funnier than the one before it. it was the time spent waiting for the movie to start- that time when we four gathered together over a cup of coffee and talk and gossip and laugh. just like that last night with father before he left for work again. there is that hint of confidence that we were more than just being related to each other by blood- we are all friends with each other. we shared a friendship that crosses beyond bloodlines and generation gap.

and though i am sorry to say this to myself that it has to happen over a cup of Starbucks coffee, but i know once again that i am one of the more fortunate group of people because of that.


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