no better match

another batchmate of mine is getting married in two weeks.

i haven’t thought of it until today when Randy-another batchmate- texted to ask if i already have ideas for a wedding gift. nine years ago, 18 of us wrapped up the four-year Accountancy course at Silliman University (yes, we were particularly a very small batch but we were also – after a long time- the only batch who gave the school a 100% rating and two topnotchers when the CPA exam result came about. and no other batch after us made it to 100% up to now. what can i say? i just always find myself with these kind of people. 😉 ).

as i was saying (and before i get carried away with my bragging again), there were only 18 of us in a batch so it is no surprise that we somehow manage to weave a closer, more personal relationships with each other throughout the years. it is also no surprise that for every wedding that we get notified of- we do not need to rundown the list of who are the single people left. and we couldn’t help but do think of who are the single people left. not so long ago, over cups and cups of coffee, we found ourselves wondering who the last person to get hitched will be. years and years back from that conversation, we also thought it would be faye. but faye has been married for years now. in our last conversation, we sort of agree it will be Giov who will end up single til his forties. and depending on how strong or weak your love-hate relationship with the most arrogant guy in our batch (though, in fairness to giov, he has a lot to brag about, really), you would either see that as a compliment or a curse. giov didn’t seem to see that as unusual. hell, when he will be in his forties, i actually can envision him dating some model-celebrity in her twenties.

as for me, however, i always thought i’d get married at 25. and don’t think i have good reasons for thinking of that number, i just thought 25 is the prime. but then, i also thought i’d own a house and the latest model of the car at that age (nobody told me of the danger of credit card debts and living beyond one’s means then. and life thought it was smarter if it let me figure that one out on my own).

but my being 25 has come and gone almost half a decade ago. and the only momentous memories i can think of that fateful year was me being able to finish a bottle of campari and 15 shots of tequila and not passing out.

so, in a few weeks from now, the batch will have one less single person. i dunno who will follow next. maybe it is Glenn. maybe randy will one day stumble over his future partner. maybe giov wakes up one morning and decides he wants to get married. or maybe it will be me, in a sunset private ceremony in Boracay- no make up, no fancy gown nor glittering jewelry- just me, barefoot and the wind blowing my hair as the rays of the setting sun set a glow on my face.

and oh, with a guy who’ve seen the worse of me as i’ve seen the worse of him and still think there could be no better match.


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