love in its rawest form

almost two years ago, i fell in love.

or perhaps, falling in love is an overstatement of what i felt then. but the butterflies in my stomach, they were there. i cannot sleep. i cannot stay focused. i have that silly grin on my face. and yes, everything was just so beautiful. i was floating.

about two years ago, the feelings defied my reasoning. i took the risk and jumped off the cliff. i cried for the heart i have broken and my broken heart. funny, i told zsolt then, to be hurting and yet not wanting to ever look back again. there were hundred reasons not to move forward and yet a hundred reasons as well not to go back.

people often wonder how we both manage. i am just very glad we aren’t really broke (well, not yet, anyway). perhaps, we were smart enough to realize that making it work all the way has nothing to do with the distance or how often you can see each other. and that, really, it is all about how far you are willing to go for it.

as for me? i look at zsolt- two years later- and i still giggle. the butterflies are still there. i still have that silly grin on my face. i still watch him sleep sometimes.

love, in its rawest form, doesn’t really change. it stays consistently the same.


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