sun cellular customer service: how bad is it, really?

about one and a half weeks ago, Sun Cellular blocked my outgoing calls and text messages. Knowing that i have just paid the bill that was due not until the 10th of this month, i called them up to figure out what happened. they told me that it was due to overlimit that they barred all my outgoing calls. knowing clearly well how generous the creidt limit they assigned to me and how impossible it is for me to go over that limit, i told them that it doesn’t make sense that i would breached it and asked them to figure out what happened.

after two hours on the phone- this was what we have found out:

1. that yes, the payment for my bill that isn’t due until 10th of June was already reflected in their system.
2. that yes, my third number (i have a group plan) has been disconnected since december 2008 as i have instructed (as we lost the sim card) and has not been reconnected yet(as we do not really have a need to reconnect it- we just needed two numbers, really). and yes, their system confirmed that is so, as well.
3. and yes, the overlimit usage was caused by this third number that was never used for almost half a year now. there were a lot of charges that occurred starting 29th of May until 5th of June using this number.
4. and yes, they recognize that it is not coming outside because the record show that number is locked. and yes, that it looks like there is a fault in their system. but no, they insistently say all through out the call, it is not Sun Cellular’s fault.
5. and yes, they also recognize it is not our fault either.
6. but no, they cannot reconnect the line until the issue has been resolved.
7. and yes, even though, both I and they agree it was not of my doing either.

they did finally hand over the supervisor to me. the supervisor was accommodating- Thank God- and understood what i want to get done (or so i think). what i really wanted was for them to fucking unlock my line so i can freaking start making calls and use my monthly usage allowance and they can go on investigate what happened to that disconnected number and how the hell did the system able to populate charges to a number that was blocked from making any calls or text.

he called me by the end of the day to inform me that i can start making calls again and they will just update me about what happened to that issue. the day after, however, the number was blocked again. i waited for three days before i decided to call them up again and ask what happened. the call center agent who picked up the phone went to the same explanation all over again. i told her i do not want to waste my time talking about the same argument the last time i called them- and if she could please do her job and look at my account to understand what transpired a few days before and call the supervisor so i can talk to him instead- and waited for someone senior to receive the call.

it’s been past half an hour now since she put me on hold for a supervisor. that’s in fact long enough for me to finish writing up this blog entry that it really is ridiculous.

i hate call center agents. i apologize for those who are into that profession- and for those of you that are really doing a great job- but i just wish they hire more of you and less of those dumbwits that pick up the phone and pretend to hear us or understand us while they are polishing their nails or their yawning on their screens. i wish the world is more advanced than this and would have a technology that can thin-slice through a customer’s 15-second greeting to figure out her emotional EQ and appropriately assign a customer service rep that matches that EQ as well. i know- from the bottom of my heart and from the boiling level of my temper right now- that my EQ is higher than 95% of the agents i spoke with over the phone.

i so do not fucking deserve this. and now, thirty eight minutes after i asked her for a supervisor, she just came back telling me she already created an issue ticket for this and will be coordinating it. didn’t she hear me the first time? she just put me on hold again.

i chose suncellular because they allow me to save a lot of costs as far as calls are concerned and because i have been using my number for years now and i don’t want to change it.

but when is good pricing enough to tolerate bad customer service? and when is awesome customer service enough to justify premium on costs?

i should really just switch to prepaid now.


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