i still got the best out of boracay in an unbelievable budget

i just came back from a 4d/3n holiday in Boracay and loved it. the weather was awesome- minus the beautiful summer sunset (but i didn’t feel that cheated not witnessing it)- and for the price that was spent for that entire trip- i’d say i once has struck bargain.

after what happened to my coron trip- where zestair screwed up our flights that caused me to break down at Coron’s airport- i vowed never to fly zestair again. unfortunately, i am a sucker for cheap flights and a Php1,513 all in, roundtrip zestair flight from Manila to Boracay was too good for me to pass up so along with a number of people from the office, we booked our flights for June 19-22.

because it was low season, i was determined not to pre- book any accommodation. it is a given fact that doing a “walk-in” during the months of June to October always gives you a good deal. we got a beachfront, a/c (with ref) accommodation at Sunshine resort for Php1,500/night which is good for four people. the resort is between station 1 and station 2, right beside Zuzuni. it is managed by a local woman whom i now fondly called “Nanay” for being so accommodating to us budget travelers.

my favourite place in Boracay is Puka beach and i never go to the island without spending at least an afternoon in this neighbouring strip of white sand. most people reach this place by renting a motorized boat from white beach. i -and along with my companions- went to this island by renting a motorcab for Php150. the road is a little bumpy but it does get us there. i like Puka Beach because unlike White Beach, this strip of white sand beach is almost, always empty. though, unless you have the energy to walk towards the end of the beach under a blazing sun, this may be too much for you.

the trip to Puka Beach is always coupled with the seafood lunch galore which i have prepared by going to the market to buy crabs, prawns, pork, fish, and squid and have it cooked by one of the many restaurants in D’Talipapa that charges you between Php100/150 per kilo cooking charge. for the trip last weekend, the menu i had prepared looked like this:

1/2 Prawns in Butter and Garlic Sauce
1/2 Prawns in Chili Sauce
1.5 kilo Crabs in Chili Sauce
1 large Maya-Maya (about a kilo) steamed in Lemon Grass with onions, ginger and some spices
1/2 Tanigue cooked in vinegar with onions, ginger, calamansi juice and pepper.
1 kilo of Grilled Liempo (for my brother who still refuses to eat seafood)

this coupled with cooked rice and bottles of softdrinks cost about Php230/head. and there was even a leftover for dinner!

on other days, lunch is less expensive by going to the restaurants like Mang Inasal at D’Mall (budget= less than Php100). they offer unlimited rice which worked out perfectly with a bunch of my cousins who can consume about 5-6 cups of rice in one sitting. dinner is usually at one of those restaurants that sprouted out in the evenings along white beach, serving their own version of seafood menu. my newly found favourite though- especially if you are a big eater- are the eat-all-you-can buffets at Php250/each. for those that believe they don’t get their money’s worth going to buffet, i recommend Bamboo lounge along station 1 for its very cozy ambiance and servings for sharing (Filipino-size, please take note).

for after-dinner chill out places, BomBom’s Bar (or whatever it is called now-i still call it BomBom’s Bar) is still my place to go. however, last night, i did stumble upon this nice bar while i was walking along station 3. Charlie’s Bar serves reasonably priced drinks and entertain the guests with a duo that can produce awesome music (they also look alike that i won’t be surprised they are brothers). i also looked around and notice that they aren’t that strict with what food the guests bring into the table as long as you order the drinks from them.

i was able to stretch Php4k-4.5k per person budget for this trip, inclusive of roundtrip airfare, 4d/3n acommodation, awesome meals, good entertainment and wait for this… heaps of alcohol to get someone smashed. this even include the stupid fees they charge all tourist getting into and out of boracay (environmental fee, my ass- i wonder where they used that money). for some of our companions who were only there for 3d/2n and didn’t opt to go out in the evenings and get smashed, the budget was not even more than Php3.5k all in.

it was a pretty awesome and a cheap trip. and i never had that much fun since i went on a holiday (minus zee) in the last few years. and i didn’t even feel that with that price, i was being too stingy on accommodation or food or things to do. the accommodation was comfortable, the food was very awesome, and the things we did were ample (the pictures can prove that!).

and for the price that it cost me, it was indeed a bargain.


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