relationship drive throughs

my younger brother (he is sixteen) broke up (or got dumped, depending on how you want to look at it) with another girlfriend of his. might be his thirteenth one or thirtieth- we really stopped counting after the fifth one. we do know he has been in and out of more relationships than the rest of us (five other siblings and my parents) combined.

poor ex-girlfriend. blood is really thicker than water and we do not like her already.

we do not know why he keep doing it; we- who have been through that age and survived the turmoils of teenage years- have not been idle in telling him there is so much more to look forward to when one gets older (i know, i know, it does not always happen to everybody but it happens to us and we are holding on to that fact). relationships are not destinations you drive through; they are experiences that make up for who you are. but i guess, at 16, my brother probably do not have an idea what relationships are. for all his intent and purposes, he was just dating and not going steady.

sighs. i am glad i do not have to deal with something like that when i was younger. my teenage years affection was monopolized by some loser guy i thought was the entirety of my world. i seriously cannot remember now what was exciting, or fulfilling, or satisfying about nurturing that unrequited love. i still wonder sometimes; not because there was no closure but because i still remember how much i cried and how much i’ve hurt and now, in my grownup world, i cannot seem to find logic in it.

now, imagine having to go through that many times over.

i would probably never find out how he looks at this stuff and how he survives breakups after breakups. perhaps, i am over-exaggerating how he looks at these relationships and how he feels when it is all over. regardless of that, i do hope that someday, when he gets older, he will realize that relationships make up for what he will become. they are either a source of happiness or experiences.

for the present, i just really hope he could date a better girl!


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