perhaps, all grape would get out of this is that one day worth of sugar rush…

the things i learned about gestational diabetes (and diabetes in general) in the last 8 days are a lot compared to what i know of it in the last 30 years. i guess it is a natural human response when presented with a situation one does not expect; one tends to learn more about it.

was learning my blood sugar was above the comfortable level a shock to me? looking back at my carbo-loaded diet, my lack of exercise, and my father’s side’s history of diabetes- it probably would have been the first thing i should have checked sooner than later. i did mention it to my former doctor- who looked at the weight i gained in the first six month and thought it as not necessary to have me tested until after the christmas holidays was over. i guess it did not also help her weighing scale was broken when i saw her last December! (good thing i am not spending my labor money on her!)

i find this something i worry deeply about because i found out about this when i am five weeks away from delivering Grape. and after i decided to deliver her in a province that only has one doctor who specializes on diabetes (not to mention that he tried- and succeeded- in selling me 17 insulin injection needles).

mother did put me in a strict carbo-watch diet the moment we got the results though. and i have been pricked for blood sugar monitoring many times since then. and if my blood sugar monitor is accurate and reliable as it claims to be, then it looks like that the change in my diet and my mum dragging me off the couch two times a day for a walk has done me and Grape better.

i feel like this is just another bump in the road to make me appreciate this introduction to a career called motherhood. it is still not clear to me why they all seem to happen all at once and too late in this stage. there must be a point to this madness. maybe, someday, it will dawn on me. or perhaps, i will never figure out.

either way, it probably would make my life better if i stop over analyzing things. nothing ever comes out good from it; it only make my life more complicated than it already is.


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