Lessons from the stock market (day 7): GREED

though i can realistically say i am not a greedy person, i am subject to the periodical downfall to greed like any other normal individual.

take for example the dismay i felt when i sold the LCB shares i bought at a 3% profit after a day of holding it, only for the stocks to shoot faster up (what the hell is wrong with these people buying stocks when it is already in its all time high?!) by another 5% within 30 minutes. i am not going to deny; i felt bad a little bit. i could have more than doubled my profit.

but then, it was not as if i sold early. the stock price went up where i want to sell it for at the day i want to get rid of it. in fact, the 3.54% profit i got by selling my PLDT shares subsidized my LCB purchase. so, if i have to get hardcore accounting into play, i really did earn 18% from my money on the LCB shares.

but then, if i have waited for thirty minutes more….

people, i guess, are inherently susceptible to greed. and as i wrapped up my first week playing at the stock market, i realize that this exercise will not be just all about taking risks and growing my money. it will equally be about downplaying my greed and stretching my patience.

God bless my soul.


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