that anger you unleashed that you could not take back

i am trying to make some sense of my anger.  what was it that i was angrier about- (a) that i felt i was ripped off or (b) that i could have handled this perception a little bit better than i did?

the car shop i bought my vehicle from, the same shop i sent the car for its scheduled maintenance, charged me for a tyre replacement at a cost that i find ridiculously overpriced.  as i am trying to get a grip of this anger, i acknowledge that i may be basing this opinion on hearsay and that after thorough research and cost-shopping, i may find out that the overpricing may not be worth the anger at all.

what was it that i was so angry about? as i write this and as i struggle to remember the conversation with two different branch managers (the shop’s and my agent) in the last half an hour,  my head throbs with the aftermath of my temporary wrath.

what is it with me and anger? though i have somehow snapped out of that state, there are still momentary lapses every now and then. like what happened earlier.

all over a freaking tyre.  i had cancelled holidays and airfares that cost way more than what could possibly end up as an overprice on those set of tyres. i was not angry at myself for those.  what gave me the right to be angry at others over far less valued things?

all over a freaking set of tyres.

david once told me (and he told me a lot of times) that the wholeness of any issue stands so miniscule to the magnitude of my anger that follows it.  i supposed he is right, as he was right about most things.

i feel kind of bad about the entire thing now, actually. it was so not worth it losing my cool over that. it was just like everyday six years ago.  and God knows how much i have regretted that.


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