bouncing back to yoga and not quite ready for it yet

after almost a year in hiatus, i went to a yoga class today.

it hurt like hell. it did. whatever i must have learned by diligently doing it last year obviously was no match for the irresponsibility i exercised in the last 10 months or so. i struggled in most of the poses and felt like the entire thing was an ordeal.

the room was too hot. the sequence was confusing. the breathing was erratic. the instructor was babbling. the body felt brittle.

it was almost like i have never done it before.  it also felt like i should have gone back sooner.

there was something about yoga that calms me. obviously, that was not the case earlier today.  for some reason, i went into that class unprepared and with a lack of focus.  and because of that, everything was thrice as hard.

maybe the mind was distracted.  in the last few weeks, i have been thinking about a lot of things. let me correct that, i have been thinking about a few things a lot of times.  and they overwhelm me.  i felt like somehow, deep inside, something is urging me to slow down and yet, somewhere deep inside as well, i felt time is running out.

maybe the mind was distracted. but perhaps, i will be better at this tomorrow.



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