breathe in, breathe out Margarette

the studio i attend yoga classes with sent me an anniversary email today. apparently, its been one year since i first took a yoga class. unfortunately, nine months of that was not spent attending yoga classes as i stopped going to the sessions when the frequent traveling made it impossible for me to spend more than five days in Manila in a row.

that, and i got really lazy.

a few weeks ago though- i decided to start attending the classes again. and yesterday was when i felt everything was coming back to me at once. i was able to do all the Bikram yoga postures. not without any difficulty for i still find myself struggling on some poses but i noticed that i was doing it with a much better focus.

yesterday, i decided to focus on my breathing.  and i found out it made a lot of difference when i did.

and i remember now why i loved yoga. by yielding into it, i have found control.


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