don’t push that SELL button, Margarette

if yesterday was my 365th day since i started doing Yoga. today is my 294th day at the stock market.

and boy, my portfolio looks so green it was tempting to sell and lock in profits. but that would be quite silly. i don’t want to be running after the bull when it hits, i want to be in on it! besides, as my banker always say, “if you liquidate, make sure you have somewhere more lucrative to put that money in”.

and that, folks, is what i have been telling myself today as i struggle to contain the demons that screw up a lot of stock market neophytes like me.

i am in this for the long run. most of my stocks are blue chips. the local economy is improving. the confidence is starting to strengthen. and i am 35 years away from my soft retirement target date. (i do think about retiring in ten years but i like being a corporate slave and i have not really figured out whether i would be happier being an entrepreneur or an investor full time, plus there is also that question of whether or not i can afford retiring early).

and these stock investments? it is for my retirement. i must not lose sight of that.


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