the year that was (2012)

the thing about looking back on the year that was and assessing how it turned out is that you will always weigh it based on how the last few months were for you. the mind is biased that way.

if not for the notes i have scribbled as life flashed before me, i would have not remembered i almost had a breakdown at the start of the year.  of course, what mattered was that i never got there. and what matters now is that overall, it was a pretty cool year. i ventured actively into the stock market. i expanded my sugarcane farming. Father finally retired. Grape zoomed past her first year and communicate like she just decided she is four years old. i still traveled as much as i did the years before (for work, that is). i still sort of overspent.

i like 2012 particularly because it was a year of discoveries and acceptance.  lesser drama, more practicality. none of the lowest point of my life events or most unforgettable experience moment to boast of.  it was a full year of tolerable happenings and honest-to-goodness happiness. no hitting rock bottom and zooming to greater heights. perhaps, that could be why it felt so fast. and if there was something i would complain about the year, it was that: that it went by so swiftly.  2012 came. and then off it went.

Savouring the memory now, i feel a certain contentment and satisfaction about the year that was. i like it for what it was and i look forward to many years like that. 


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