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i am maggie, a long time ago, i was called someone else. i always start my sentence in small caps unless i have to do otherwise. i am also not a morning person, and having said that, i am better up all night than being shook into consciousness in early mornings. i do not like boiled eggs but can eat half-cooked sunny side ups everyday. i worked in corporate finance because something has to finance my eccentricities. some people find me smart but i swear i am just pretty cocky (for a girl).

not everybody likes me but i am okay with that. i do not like everybody either. the object of my fixation changes a lot. i can drink an alarmingly large volume of alcohol and still stay sober if i want to; i can let two shots of tequila get me drunk if i want to. i swear a lot because i can. and i date the guys i dated because i can. and i can sound like somebody because i am. and most recently, i gave birth to the most amazing daughter i still cannot believe i deserved; she makes my future- albeit still uncertain and not guaranteed- much, much more looked forward to. all my dreams are of her now.

though i am not the same girl i was before i left our unhurried, almost non-existent town but what is it they say? you can get the girl out of the town, but never the town out of the girl.

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  1. 🙂

  2. Hi Maggie: Stumbles across your site whilst searching for info on Boracay.. Started reading your posting and couldn’t stop. you really are an excellent writer.. and I as with a good book, “couldn’t put it down… page after page”. I trust things are good and baby now and that you will continue with your posts

    Thank you


  3. Hoping for more postings from author

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