maybe i really am getting old. i talk to my banker more often than i talk to my drinking or scuba diving buddies.

two interesting things are happening in my life, though. i rediscovered the pleasure of traveling and got more excited about the prospect of pursuing financial freedom. it will not be a surprise then if most entries in my blog will be either of the two (or both). hopefully, you guys are still hanging around.

(updated 06222013)


my travels and my work still keep me busy up to this date that i am surprised i am still alive.  i have become a way more boring person than the version of me  before i started this blog. i sort of blame it to having a daughter but the reality of it is really staring me at the face: i am getting old.

i do not like partying, anymore. in my horror, i cannot finish a bottle of campari or tequila in one sitting these days.  i am really quite disturbed about that.

i also stopped diving. i have the tendency to blame it on Grape but she doesn’t live with me so i really have no excuse on why i just do not feel like doing this stuff anymore.

maybe by picking up this blog where i left off, i could rediscover what i have left behind.  and hopefully, i do not have to do away a piece of the happy state i am currently in.

it does sound like a fraud, but i really am truly happy.  maybe the secret to true happiness is spending more time with people that matter to you.  consistently.

(updated 08302012)


my travels and my work has kept me busy in the last twelve months so i rarely had the urge to update this blog. and also, you know my addiction always switch from one thing to the other. i thought my blogging days are over . for some reason, i am itching to start writing again. there are things that happened in my life- exciting things- that i have not written about. i do not know if i ever get round to telling you about them seeing as writing is one passion i have that i never really had control of.

and oh, of course, i am still with Zsolt. (updated: 051508)


i added a new category: a not so still-life with dani

i have been meaning to since half a year ago but i never got round to it. dani, as you probably noticed, is the same guy i so fondly refer to as “chico”. he’s swiss who speaks fluent spanish and who loves the east in a way not many people do.

some things i learned in life, i learned from his mistakes. *laughs*

i am turning 27 in a few weeks time and this is what i want for my birthday.

if you can buy zsolt a roundtrip plane ticket from Sydney, let’s talk about how i can make it up to you offline. 😉

alright, i added two more categories: days with zsolt and her and me. i will be catching up with entries over the weekend. a couple of them, you should find interesting. otherwise, my stat counts wouldn’t make sense if i am that boring.

and oh, i am this close to going psychotic. heavens bless this blog with a mood armour.

i am officially back and shall update this blog in the next few days.
okay, when i am not lazy you should find some stuff added in here that is worth clicking to.

it could be a blog i have been syndicating after. or an article i found really hilarious or disturbing or stupid but i am too lazy to blog about it. or some destination sites i have been surfing about. or some updates on my 101 other personal sites.

i have updated flicker photos again. there’s nothing much in there but you should see a lot of girls in bikinis and lots of drunk people.

must you copy them and use them illegally, i shall hope the lightning strikes you dead. i do believe in karma.

on another note, this is still what i am reading online:
The Simple Dollar by Trent Hamm
real measure of success in savings

own personal favourite is the “letters to miguel” posts. should you have enough time to kill, do not miss this category out.

and oh, i am trying to fix and sort my category posts but i think i messed them up. i can’t distinguish what ought to go to “surface intervals” and what should go to “everyday life”. beats me. i shall come back to it when i get more useful sense off my head.

i updated my profile.
and i totally adore kuya jon’s photo sets in flickr; check it out yourself and leave a comment!


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